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Welcome to the Herkimer Hearing Aid Center. Our office has been in the same location for over 20 years, with a NYS Licensed and Board Certified hearing care professional always on staff during office hours.

Because of our philosophy of honesty and integrity, we have proudly grown to be recognized as one of the finest and most reputable hearing care providers in the Mohawk Valley.

Why is there so much information in this website?
Do you really need to read it all?

Over 36 million American adults (1 in 5 adults) suffer from some degree of hearing loss. This means that directly or indirectly everyone is affected. This website is intended to help educate the general public about the complexity of hearing loss and the benefits of properly fitted hearing aids. Knowledge is power, so please read through the entire website even though it may seem long. Our website's mission is to educate people about hearing loss and how it not only robs hearing impaired individuals of their quality of life, but also how it robs their entire family and circle of friends from fully enjoying that person due to the inability to engage in true conversations. Most hearing losses progress so gradually that individuals may not even realize they have a problem and subconsciously develop habits to cope with the problem. Over the years they slowly evolve to deal with the regression of their hearing with help from visual cues or lip reading, guessing at words or "selective hearing", and in some cases even withdrawal from society. All this is a needless waste of quality of life. We at the Herkimer Hearing Aid Center sincerely hope that the information in this website will encourage hearing impaired individuals worldwide to seek help for their hearing loss, no matter where they live, so they can rejoin the world of sound and actively participate and communicate with their loved ones once again. We also hope to give their families, friends, and loved ones a sense of understanding, compassion, and knowledge to help accompany the hearing impaired persons in their journey to improve their quality of life through better hearing.

Herkimer Hearing Aid Center
in The Prospect Complex
200 Prospect Street, Suite 101
Herkimer, New York 13350

(315) 866-6728

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Corner of
Prospect St. & Park Ave.
(across from post office)

Herkimer, NY

Herkimer Hearing Aid Center